white, light, dark, black. “Lighting is more complex than one thinks.” horst p. horst.


today is, International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia…….. sadly we, my husband and i, live in a country dominated by a bigoted nationalist government, and a bigoted religion so i don’t expect this day will have a positive affect here for a long time to come……. i wish all those who cannot, will not, come out and celebrate their lives out of fear, a brighter future…… it is something worth fighting for!

* is  it ironic or intentional that this day’s acronym IDAHO, is the name of an american state in which ‘sodomy’ is still technically illegal, and that just recently rejected anti-discriminationary laws for… Continue reading

Irving Penn Salad Ingredients New York, 1947

“I think that b&w pictures are intrinsically finer than colour. I think that I have never seen a really great colour photograph.” ( i beg to differ.) Related articles RIP: Irving Penn (fabsugar.com)… Continue reading

m-i-c-k-e-y-m-o-u-s-e . . . . . 84 yrs on the screen.

* mickey mouse, birthday party cartoon. * * *

i want one so much…..Bohemia Leather Briefcase Satchel, 15″ Cobalt Blue :: Bohemia

  Bohemia Leather Briefcase Satchel, 15″ Cobalt Blue :: Bohemia.


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Since 1869, more than 800,000 paupers and unknowns have been buried on Hart Island. This slip of land in the East River is New York’s Potter’s Field,…

“And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.” Genesis 2:25. today is ‘ world naked gardening day.’ do not forget your hoe.

* “The best thing to do would be to designate everywhere as clothing optional, and we could leave little fenced in areas for the prudes to prance around in. Call them “Prudist Colonies”.… Continue reading

sam (samuel ross alexander) a 24yr old australian graduate is travelling solo. he’s riding north, along the entire length of the east coast of Australia, on horse-back in support of the Royal Flying Doctors.

* heading north 2012, facebook page * ww.headingnorth2012.com follow the blog

on may 10th 1774, “The coronation was perfect in every way……

……….it seems that everyone was delighted with the King and he must be as much so with his subjects: great and small all wished him well, the ceremonies of the Church were interrupted… Continue reading

mr sassoon has left the salon.

* la times photo gallery * Related articles Vidal Sassoon dead at 84 (hollywood.com) Legendary hairstylist Vidal Sassoon dies (cnn.com)

6°21′N 99°48′E

Life is generally something that happens elsewhere. Alan Bennett

* * Wikipedia, alan bennett

back from my beach (mangrove swamp) hut holiday, covered in a ghastly fungal infection. a good time to reflect that there are always people far worse off than me, and that people, far better than me, are doing something to help them. here is a short cnn video a couple of years old that tells such a tale.

home for the next week.

home for the next week. beach hut on langkawi.

Style icon Anna Piaggi

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Anna Piaggi is a eccentric dresser. I admire her avantgarde style. She makes me want to mix a lot of patterns, textures & colors & reminds me to…

i think the lady doth protest too much.

malaysia basically has a legalised slave trade in operation . maids used to be freely shipped in from indonesia to work for a $100 or so and few days off in the month… Continue reading

a good night picture.

” ….down there could be anywhere. Down there, where things were happening, where people were marrying and fighting and working and sleeping and defecating and cooking and crying and dying — down there where all those things that made up life were happening — could be anywhere in the world…..a world without demarcations, a world perfectly capable of saving itself.” tishani doshi, ‘the pleasure seekers’

*  pictures of the world from the international space station via this link to the independent , news paper. out-of-this-world-the-view-from-space-7675819.html?action=gallery&ino=9 Related articles Beautiful Image: The Moon as Seen from the Space Station (universetoday.com)… Continue reading


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The Curiousity Shop is located in between Changkat Bukit Bintang and Jalan Nagasari. Not quite the new kid on the block (it opened four years ago), the…

ben*ben launch is getting closer! some highlights attached of the linen short details, and shirt details and fabrics. look out for my shopify link soon!