“Being black has a lot to do with my being a good designer. My eye will go quicker to what a pimp is wearing than to someone in a gray suit and tie. Most of these designers who have to run to Paris for color and fabric combinations should go to church on Sunday in Harlem. It’s all right there.” willi smith

“Being black has a lot to do with my being a good designer. My eye will go quicker to what a pimp is wearing than to someone in a gray suit and tie.… Continue reading

Leftover from History

Leftover from History.

to johnny with love xxxx

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click a year in vanity fair  sorry vf for manipulating this image of the divine mr depp, i trust it does not detract from your own.

i am pleased to announce the launch of the ben*ben store, selling my range of vacation and beach wear.

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Armies are not only for offensives. Bashar al-Assad

“One alone in a Chinese square confronted tanks, while others fled. He stood for freedom for us all, but few care now if he’s jailed or dead.” jimmy carter.

* news update!  bbc news, re arrest of tianamen anniversary protesters today. * *


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i could not resist bringing these two great images together. click the image make it nice and big, listen to la lagerfeld speak below, and ‘amyl nitrate’ in…

“The British Constitution has always been puzzling and always will be.” Queen Elizabeth II. and so say all of us.



When you have nobody you can make a cup of tea for, when nobody needs you, that’s when I think life is over. said, Audrey Hepburn. but me? i get huge amounts of pleasure from making myself a cup of tea to drink alone.

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mr mannequin has been strutting his stuff to help ben*ben get on line.

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It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment. Ansel Adams……..n’er a truer word…..



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Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh (1889) An excellent series of self-portraits by young photographer Andy Alcala, which consists of face paintings based on the works of iconic artists, creating a smashing…

I always think you should be totally frivolous as much as you can, and then take the work seriously when it has to be taken seriously. As long as you can keep that balance going, it`s good fun. If it`s only frivolous it`s not fun” happy birthday jim braodbent.

jim broadbent, wikipedia

“I wanted to do something altogether vulgar.” william klein . i beg to differ.

william klein, wikipedia info

“Our route carried us through the Bowery. Tiny pawnshops and blood-donor stations and dormitories with fifty-cent cots and tiny grim hotels with dollar beds and bars for whites, bars for blacks, everywhere bums, bums, young, far from young, ancient, bums squatting curbside, squatting amid shattered glass and pukey debris, bums slanting in doorways and huddled like penguins at street corners. Once, when we paused for a red light, a purple-nosed scarecrow weaved toward us and began swabbing the taxi’s windshield with a wet rag clutched in a shaking hand. Our protesting driver shouted Italian obscenities.”

images in slide show: mr capote by irving penn, 1948. ms monroe by richard avedon 1957. mr capote and ms monroe dancing at ‘el morocco’ 1955 Bettmann/Corbis, from 1955. in 1955 marilyn and truman… Continue reading

vacation wear for the man who is bored of plaid. ben*ben


just a paper bag?

few paper carrier bags  are as  iconic and immediately recognisable as those of ‘the conran shop,’ and ‘bloomingdale’s.’ the success of the bag is obviously relative to that of the store, but the… Continue reading