Pop portraits


NYC based graphic design duo Craig Redman and Karl Maier live in different parts of the world but collaborate daily to create bold work that is filled with simple messages executed in a thoughtful and often humorous way. They specialize in illustration and installation. They have exhibited across the world, most notably at the Musée de la Publicité, Louvre, also worked on projects for clients like LVMH, Google, Nike, Apple, Vogue and The New York Times. Craig is the creator of the blog Darcel Disappoints, often working in collaboration with iconic Parisian store colette.
These are beautiful celebrity portraits series called Guise and Protagonist and was designed for a joint exhibition in Ferrara and Milan. From artists to pop start or fashion and film icons Craig Redman redesign their portrait with colorful geometric patterns in a very Linchtenstein, Warhol, Romero Britto style. Each face is so obvious that you can…

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