on may 10th 1774, “The coronation was perfect in every way……

……….it seems that everyone was delighted with the King and he must be as much so with his subjects: great and small all wished him well, the ceremonies of the Church were interrupted at the moment of the crowning by the most touching acclamations. I could not keep up, my tears flowed in spite of themself … It is an astonishing and at the same time a happy thing to be so well received two months after the revolt and in spite of the dearness of bread, which unfortunately still continues … Surely when we see the people treat us so well while they are in distress, we are all the more obliged to work for their happiness.”

marie antoinette on her  and louis xvi’s coronation, to her mother, maria therese, the holy roman empress.


may 10th, 1774, the coronation of the good king louis xvi and his much maligned queen marie antoinette, doomed by the aristocracy and a corrupt court, to a life of blame and an ignominious death.