i think the lady doth protest too much.

malaysia basically has a legalised slave trade in operation . maids used to be freely shipped in from indonesia to work for a $100 or so and few days off in the month in malaysia.

so renowned for its ill-treatment of maids, that it is one of only two nations , the other being its hero saudi arabia, that is currently having new maids withheld from working there from the warehouses of slavery, the philippines and indonesia.

indonesia demands a day off each week for new and existing slaves and a basic wage, how dare they!

the locals  malay employers do not want chinese maids or other non-muslims as they are afraid they, the maids, might seduce their husbands. how dare they!

the nation has often been accused as being inhabited by lazy people by outsiders, a hard stereotype to unload if this is one of their biggest issues, a shortage of slaves.

big companies like to employ low paid ‘foreigners’ to maintain profit margins that would make ‘apple’ weep, they onstantly fight against the implementation of a minimum wage, saying that they will have to make workers redundant. they of course will not give up their privileged lifestyles and porsche cars ( bought at 300% duty tax) and see their margins drop from 100s of percent to a sensible 24 to a 100. in a city where most of the population earn between 2 and 3 hundred us$ a month, house prices rise as high as s they do in more obviously developed nations.


here is a letter from a slave employer bemoaning the quality of maids, and how difficult it is no get a new one. she is a working mother, she does not mention her husband but i’m guessing there is one, he probably has nothing to do with running the home and is probably running from her and wishing they had a cute philipino or burmese maid instead.

” i work full time and have a son who is seven years old. i have had the same indonesian maid for four and a half years.

i have always treated her well. her job is only to clean the house and to look after my son until i get home from work.

i cook for the family, i make sure my son has his shower and i am the one who puts him to bed and wake him up in the morning. i prepare his breakfast and school lunches.

my maid has the freedom to go out wherever she wants, to buy whatever she wants and even has two handphones.she is given time off to visit her son who  has moved to klang to work, sometimes for days if i am not working.

( i lost this middle bit, but basically she feels her maid is not grateful enough and does not work as hard as she should)

if i speak to her about her attitude, even if it done quietly, she storms into her room and sulks.

i want to let her go but dread that i will not have anyone to help look after my son, i have even decided to try and get a maid on my own from indonesia but now i hear that it is no longer possible to convert the social visit visa to a maid visa. so where does that leave me?

i am upset that selfish people who ill-treat their maids are making it hard for honest employers like me.

as long as the maid issue drags on employers like me will continue to suffer.

desperate working mother.

kuala lumpur.”

how did my mother cope? three children, a full time job, a husband who worked two shifts a day five days a week and often at weekends. my husbands mother has i think 10 kids, ran a fruit farm with her husband and kept home, and even ended up helping in the bringing up of her first grand children without maids or very much in the way of household appliances or running water, and only occasional electricity. this new breed of householder must have terribly difficult personal lives to have to survive with a moody maid that costs less per month than her house and grocery bills.

and below is a link to a very disturbing blog for  the loathsome expats and their difficult maid issues. how quickly people who were once little fish in big wetsern blogs can become sharks when living in countries like malaysia, thailand etc.

expat underground, a blog that demonstrates why i do not socialise in the expat community