51 yrs ago today, one of the world’s most destructive treaties came into being, causing endless wars and problems at all levels of society for all the wrong reasons.

The Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs 

more american soldiers have died in the war on drugs than in the combined wars in vietnam and korea.

in the past 6 yrs there have been more than 40,000 deaths in mexican drug gangs

10yrs ago the usa was spending 500 billion dollars annually in this phony  war.

there are approximately 2500 000 people in us jails on drug related charges

one can go on and on, then move round the world to help the numbers grow, how many more reasons do they need to legalise and control drug quality and distribution.

more americans and britons die from obesity, alcohol and cigarettes and road accidents and cancer etc etc than ever perish due to their drug addiction.

governments use drugs , like organised religions us the ‘fear of god’, and homosexuality as bogey men to frighten the dumb into following the right-wing, the conservatives agendas or to deflect the public from deeper issues that really affect them.

legalise drugs.