i’m an atheist with a lot of house work to do, however it’s rare that i get to feature something welsh.

today is the feast day of two welsh princes/ saints, gladys and gwynllyw, here is a little info, and a link to ‘britain’s got talent’ showing a choir of boys from the land of these princes , singing their audition piece. have a good day all.

Saint Gwladys ferch Brychan or St Gladys (Latin-Claudia), was the Queen of Saint Gwynllyw Milwr and daughter of King Brychan of Brycheiniog. She was the mother of several saints, including Saint Cadoc “the Wise”.

St Gwynllyw husband of St. Gladys and father of St. Cadoc indeed of a whole flock of saints, a hermit of Wales. He is sometimes called Woollos or Gundleus. He and Gladys were reportedly bandits in Kind Arthur’s time, but they repented and became eremites.

the church in early britain predates that of the more misogynist catholic church that krept in, in the following centuries, infact britons church predates the establishment of the church of rome altogether, a fact they do not like to talk about. this couple of arthurian legend were at times, royals, bandits, and hermits  they both hailed from my home area of wales and st gwynllyw, known as Gundleus may even have given his name to my home town, ‘ystradgynlais’. links of interest below.

links to histories of early british kings gwynlfgg.html‘  gwladys.html
http://www.catholic.org/saints/f_day/mar.php  for saints days and brief histories.
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