during the 70’s i was in love with all these girls, new york sisters, rhoda and brenda, and liverpudlian single friends, sandra and beryl, and their mothers of course.

my man and i watched “rhoda” together at the weekend, new to kee, over 30yrs old but as fresh as the first series of ‘golden girls’ we had shared last week. i was reminded of sitting with my mum at home in the 70’s, at 10yrs old, maybe more, i was allowed a glass of sherry while we watched ‘rhoda’ and then i was sent to bed the moment it finished, so as not to annoy my dad on his return from work at 10pm. and then i remembered the liver birds surely our answer to rhoda, but no. ‘the liver birds’ was older by 5yrs years. if you do not know rhoda, think’ sex and the city’ without the more colourful sexual chat and set in the late 70s. if you do not know ‘the liver birds’ think……………? not sure. think rhoda, with cheshire accents and kitchen sink rather than, the new york vibe.
                                               the liver birds.                                                                                                                  rhoda.
     polly james as ‘beryl’  and nerys hughes as ‘sandra’                             julie kavner ( the voice of sisters, marge selma and patty in the simpsons) as ‘brenda’
                                                                                                            and valerie harper as ‘rhoda’