‘the iron lady’ or ‘fucking bitch, cunt.’

meryl and her supporting cast subtle and excellent


‎’the iron lady‘ though sympathetic to a master politician in her declining years of dementia, loneliness and widowhood, is a timely reminder of the damage she did, and the damage still left uncorrected.

the emotional scars and physical damage of poverty, miners strikes, northern ireland, the falklands, miss-sold public housing, greed at all costs, clause 28, poll tax and it’s renaming, to name just a few.

and whose fault was it? that of the british public.

.at least of the readers of the sun, mail, telegraph and the express (most of the population) they who continue to make the same mistakes over and over, partly thru the lack of any real alternatives; and of the the machine that she as our first female leader , and one from ‘humble stock,’ could have changed but only strengthened. that of the deeply flawed,  public school and oxbridge style manufacture of leaders within all parties.

it isa film that could be telling the story of the ‘declining’ years of any woman, as widow, wife, mother, and worker, and of the regrets, failures and successes, etc they have, and how that life affected those around them. the scale is relative, thankfully for many their lives will have left a more positive mark upon those around them.

lastly i think the subtle portrayal of the men of thatcher’s cabinet was excellent, and how many of those arse-holes were so very recognizable, i see mrs streep’s school of acting influenced many of the supporting cast.

the mischievous poltergeist of her imaginings, dennis, was an excellent foil to the wife, in life as well as in film, mr broadbent is a superb actor.