ben*ben goes fabric hunting, inspired by the australian outback and aborigine inspired dream-scapes.

just before christmas my partner and i flew from kuala lumpur, home, to our holiday in sydney australia. being my first time, i stole the window seat and from dawn of the 23rd of december to mid morning having a mostly clear view of the landscape from darwin south-east to sydney. i was unsurprisingly entranced by the undulating speckled red of the desert, the flattened rock outcrops, turquoise mineral lakes, and serpentine rivers, before we reached the agricultural lands and mountains closer to our destination. i recognised even with my only vague knowledge of the aboriginal dream-scape paintings, the features so simply described in the ochre dot paintings. i appreciate that more recent painters will have experienced this from the comfort from a plane, but one could not be more impressed with the magic of the miraculous works formed from dreams, spiritual connection, or natural intoxicant induced visions, of their extraordinary and most ancient landscape. i sadly could not afford the work for sale in the sydney galleries that i so fell in love with, but it did leave me wondering how to  bring these influences  into my next collection. i took my photocopy of a particular artist’s gallery flyer out with me  today while searching for fabrics, and there perched high on a shelf was a fabulous woolly textured printed linen that ticked many boxes. look out for shorts and shirts to be fetured soon . plus some fabulous cotton, cotton/silk prints, some crazy leopard linen and more, more, somebody stop me hunting out fabrics!

just need to find a genius to develop my retail blog or website.

image of landscape from airplane window, and detail from 'lightning' by artist sarrita king