74 yrs ago today disney productions released its first feature length cartoon, snow white. where the heroine a wicked step mother’s,by far the most beautiful in the land, life is brought to a tragic end by her sly step daughter and her harem of below average height boy friends.

in the 1970’s my elderly grandmother was caretaker and rather terrifying usherette at a local cinema. she wielded a rubber handled torch like a club, and never thought twice about bouncing it off the head of a snogger, or a naughty child.

because of her job, i got to see show white very day for a week, twice a day. once alone just me the projectionist and the cleaners, and then in the evening with the locals. it must have been a half term, and my parents away, i lived on a diet of choc-ices and kia ora, and fell desperately in love with the stepmother, and wept every time she fell off the mountain.

the film was already over 30yrs old, but it was still to be a few years before it really showed it’s age.

snow white‘s grating warble was performed by the italian opera singerAdriana Caselotti and i think has often been selected as the most annoying singing voice in any disney cartoon feature.

ways to kill your boss. lilly enlsits her friends help in this dream sequence, in, nine to five.

enchanted, amy calls her friends to help with the cleaning