athena meets britannia. i loved la-lagerfeld’s pirelli images. athena set the rattle that is my brain off looking for the missing link.

i could not resist bringing these two great images together. click the image make it nice and big, listen to la lagerfeld speak below, and ‘amyl nitrate’ in action. not to be sniffed at.

“Actresses and models bring these new heroes to life and depict a new concept of the beautiful,” said Karl Lagerfeld, who, within the 2011 Pirelli Calendar, has offered up an idyllic, immortal representation of beauty. Beauty, youth, the veneration of form, and desire depict this new concept of beauty and embody the modernity in mythology.,0,0#0,0,0#0

“Jubilee is an original, a piece of photo journalism which fills our heads,stimulates our eyes…and intensifies our senses…it is a film that will churn up everyone’s emotions and will provoke laughter, anger, revulsion, sorrow and patriotism for a British culture slowly sliding into the sea…(it is) never so offensive or so deeply ugly that one cannot connect with it…when most British films are so piddling, the film is a revelation, full of moral indignation, action, imagination…”
Keith Howes, Gay Times, 23/02/79