today was the day…a lazy post, i have chores and work to do, have a good day.

on december the 14th  these are a few events that pricked my interest….

yesterday was saint lucy’s day, the giver of light. it is little wonder the dutch were quick to turn protestant, when on the 14th of december 1287 the walls of the Zuider Zee dyke in the Netherlands collapsed, killing over 50,000 people, to spite the saint, the flood is known as  Sint-Luciavloed.

in 1782, the montgolfier brothers rose into the air on their first test flight and on the same day but in 1903 the wright brothers tested out the wrightflyer1 .

in 1812 while napoleon was withdrawing from russia, the english forces were splashing into louisiana at war with the united states.

in 1861, the very-well endowed prince albert, much-loved for the tight fit of his trousers by the young victoria, died on this day. queen victoria mourned for the rest of her life,  finding occasional solace in the arms of a scottish gilly and a muslim munshi. albert left us the name for a penis piercing he used to prevent his dangling in public.

and now i must get on, i have a business to get off the ground benben wardrobe on facebook