which piece/s of art hold/affect/influence/repulse/infuriate you?

this piece holds my attention

while visiting london in 2010 i heard that the national portrait gallery had acquired mr quinn’s latest update of ‘ self’cast in-cold-blood. i took the opportunity to see how the artist had aged. rather well as it turned out.

the gallery was empty so i had some very personal time with this frost touched gem. it’s opacity is that of a carved ruby cabuchon. it’s bloody pulsating glow is from within. the play of light cast upon it thru its chilling vitrine serves to highlight the change in and depth of colour as you move around its island plinth. i find it extraordinary. it is beautiful. if faberge had created death masks, they could not have hoped to create anything as fine.

i left sanguine and with the desire for a very-berry popsicle.